Monsters and Dust

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M&D: Wrapping things up, I've noticed your videos were all done with people in the queer art scene in New York, and I wanted to know how you see collaboration with other people fitting in to what you do, and if you are thinking about including it more as you go along. It seems like you also have Emily and Johanna doing things on the do you see that network of MEN expanding?

JD: We've talked about that before, MEN is this collective that adds and subtracts members all the time...

GBT: Or maybe just adds.

JD: Yeah I was just gonna say,

MO: Keep it positive!

GBT: Adding, not subtracting.

JD: Yeah, we're like, um “we should get rid of her....


I think that originally when we talked about doing videos, we wanted them to be more like the way people do remixes for one song: five people could do a video for “Off Our Backs.” So I think we're really open to collaborating. We're rarely doing things on our own. I think that it's really important to us to bring our friendships together. For the New Museum performance we involved a lot of friends.

GBT: All the people that we've worked with, we have relationships with, and we've worked with them before so, it just happens naturally.

MO: We've been covering a Joan Armatrading song called “My Family,” and that was a kind of jump-off.... We've been thinking a lot about community.... We're really appreciative of the talented people that we know, and are glad to include them in our project.