Monsters and Dust

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Michael & Ginger
“ I don't want to have a dialogue only with queer people, but just people in general.”
—Ginger Brooks Takahashi (front), pictured with Michael O'Neill; photograph by David Robert Elliott


M&D: You were talking about money a little bit, and looking at the lyrics for “Credit Card Babies,” it seems like there's a critique of buying in to some kind of abstractly ideal lifestyle, or assimilation.... what else are you speaking against?

JD: We just got a remix of “Off Our backs” done by Jeppe, and he named it the “Money is a Major Issue” remix, and I thought, wow, that song was totally all about money. Oh, so is “Credit Card Babies,” so is this one, so is this many of our songs talk about money, and, it's funny because I didn't even think that I thought about it that much. But it's think its one of those things where we're all so affected by what's happening now in the world. It is a “Money is a Major Issue” remix.

MO: It's so true.

JD: It's interesting to realize that.

GBT: Oppositionality...I dont know, “what am I against” ...I guess I could name a million things but it's not that interesting.

JD: I'm against pro-life billboards.

MO: We saw quite a few.

GBT: We're gonna see a lot of those on this trip.

JD: I'm also against people who have no boundaries.


GBT: Whoa, name it!

JD: Y'know trying to keep it light. We also don't really like doritos that much. We like fake doritos.

M&D: Fake doritos?

MO: Bravos.

GBT: Do they have those in Chicago?

MO: I don't know, it's kind of cool, we're sort of having a hard time coming up with something we're against. We try to keep a positive outlook on things.