Monsters and Dust

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“...We're really open to collaborating. We're rarely doing things on our own. I think that it's really important to us to bring our friendships together.”
—JD Samson; photograph by David Robert Elliott


M&D: So now that you're back, what kind of dialogue are you excited about happening with the queer community, if any?

JD: We went to see the Andy Warhol show 'cause we played at the museum [The Mattress Factory] the other day, and I was walking around feeling like, “This was then — I don't want to recreate this, I want to do this whole new thing....” I feel we're on the edge of a breaking point, where this whole new chapter is about to happen, and — I don't want to sound self-important or anything — I feel like we're pulling on the rope for everyone to fall off with us. We're not really interested in the retro aspects of disco, but this whole feeling of closing your eyes and...just letting go. For me, there's this relaxation/art feeling....

GBT: A release of inhibitions.

JD: Exactly.

GBT: For me, I don't want to have a dialogue only with queer people, but just people in general.

M&D: A queer dialogue with all people?


JD: I feel like it's cool that we're not billed as a queer band in one way, but of course we want to play for queer people and have queer people around us.