Monsters and Dust

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“Cats maybe. Any cats live there before you moved in?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Well you sure smell like chicken.”

“For fuck’s sake.”

“No, I mean really. Like KFC. That’s how come I know that smell.”

“I’m going home.”

“See you Brice.”

“Maybe if I don’t get eaten first.”

“Karen’s a vet, right? You should get that looked at, I’m serious, maybe get some shots or something.”

“I’m not leaving your tip today.” Brice put two dollars on the table.

“See you Bricey.”


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The first time Karen told him to kiss The Chief, she’d made it sound Romantic. Almost.

The Chief, a tattoo on the inside of her thigh, looked like the chief on a can of tobacco and Brice called him Tonto before he kissed it. A joke he didn’t think was funny, it expressed best the awkwardness of his compliance. She mocked him later.


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